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Work towards your health and fitness goals with Final Touch’s weight loss centre services. Our exclusively ladies fitness facility offers a number of fitness classes to keep you moving throughout the week.

We also have access to personal trainers who can keep you accountable to your weight loss goals even when you’re not in our building.

Check out how our past and current clients have progressed with the help of our dedicated weight loss centre staff and processes!

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Client Testimonials

Before and after weight loss

“Thank you Final Touch Exclusively Ladies Fitness for being with me on this journey for the past 2 years. Down 86 pounds, I had pretty high goals set and sometimes I still stumble but to get under that 200 lbs this week was pretty awesome.

I’ve had a huge support system with family and friends. They love me whether I’m the first picture or the second. I still have my double hernia or ‘aliens’ as we like to call them in my house, lol. Eventually I’ll get them fixed, but it’s not on my rush list.”

“Heather and her staff are extremely motivating. The practical weight loss and fitness goals make me feel that I can and will achieve my goals. I’m thrilled with their hands-on approach and knowledge. The interaction with members is so genuine! Heathers encouragement is contagious!

This family owned business has every element needed to achieve health and wellness for all ages, sizes and fitness levels. Outstanding cleanliness. Excellent variety of equipment and classes. Lots of space to breath! Thank you for being such amazing boosters.”

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Contact us or stop by 10 Park Road in Simcoe, Ontario to discuss your weight loss goals. We are ready to help you sweat it out, work it out, and lose that stubborn weight at a pace that works for you!