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Exclusively Ladies Fitness: Personal Training, Weight Loss Centre, & Nutrition

Our exclusively ladies fitness centre in Simcoe has everything you need to get your body and mind back on track. We have plenty of space for your workouts, as well as equipment, personal trainers, free weights, and best of all, showers!

The Benefits of Final Touch Ladies Fitness

Whether you’re looking for a full-on workout, or just a brisk paced cardio session, Final Touch Exclusively Ladies Fitness is the local gym that has everything you need to customize a workout plan.


We have tons of modern equipment to keep you moving. Treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, weight machines, and more. It’s a choose your own adventure fitness dream.

Tons of Classes

We have classes that cover a wide variety of movements, techniques and intensity levels. Yoga, military tone, kickbox turbo, tabata and so many more, there’s a class for everyone,


There’s nothing better than a post workout shower. The clarity you feel from pushing yourself to the limit, then rinsing clean. All in the convenience of one facility. It’s amazing.

Personal Trainers & Weight Loss Centre

Getting in touch with a personal trainer is sometimes just what you need to give yourself the motivation and accountability to show up for your workouts. We have several personal trainers on hand to keep you on target and focused on your goals.

 Combined with our supplements available at our nutrition centre, we have all the elements of a full blown weight loss centre to guide and educate you on how to achieve your goals.

weight loss centre

More About Personal Trainers in Simcoe

Your overall fitness and health are important. A personal trainer based in Simcoe can be your ticket to advancing your mind and body. Dedicated personal training gives you the motivation and accountability you need to keep chasing your goals.

Advantages of a local personal trainer:

  • Accountability – You have to show up!
  • Motivation – Trainers keep you going!
  • Variation – Different workouts and strategies!
  • Adaptable – Trainers find what works for you!

Personal Training to Stay Motivated

For example, if you are looking to wake up early to dive into your fitness and exercise program, but often find yourself procrastinating or sleeping in, a personal trainer will show up at your specified time to make sure you’re ready to move.

Also, when you come to Final Touch Ladies Fitness along with your Personal Trainer, you now have an individual dedicated to making sure you do ‘just one more’ or do another lap.

Personal Trainers like those at Final Touch in Simcoe are here to motivate you on the spot and get results. It’s perfect for those with the desire, but maybe not the full push to get moving.

personal trainer simcoe

Exercise Equipment

We are pleased to feature tons of exercise equipment to help keep you moving throughout your workout. Pick your favorite and plant yourself in place, or move around trying them all out. You’ll love how it feels to have such a wise selection of exercise equipment.

  • Exercise bikes
  • Treadmills
  • Elliptical machines
  • Strength training machines
  • Free weights and more

(519) 428-9229

Customer Review

Final Touch Exclusively Ladies Fitness is the place I go to get moving and stay on top of my health and fitness. It’s really nice to have a fitness centre like this in Simcoe, as we don’t always get top quality offerings in a small town – But Final Touch has brought it to the next level. My favorite part is all of the classes that I can enjoy at various points throughout the week. Very convenient!

-Sara G

5 star gym

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